Mount Everest

Finally, a dream came true. Andy Holzer made it to the top of the highest mountain of the world. He is the second blind climber who reached the top of the Mount Everest.

Andy and his team chose to challenge themselves climbing the „Seven Summits“ and additionally took the more demanding North Route to the top of Mount Everest. They are now holding a record for their outstanding performance.

The team also included the bluetooth®-based communication system called CEECOACH to their adventurous equipment. CEECOACH is the optimal device to use in these extreme circumstances, to ensure communication between the climbers. Andy proceeded to go into details during his interview and said that it has been a rough situation but all in all the climatic circumstances have almost been perfect for the last part of the ascent. On the top the temperatures was minus 26 degrees and nearly no wind at all – which is not that bad of a condition for climbing the Mount Everest.

However, a project like this is always life-endangering. “We set ourselves small goals. At 8.600m we had to fight feelings of body weakening, but we finally succeeded. Life and death are existing side by side on the Everest.” stated Andy Holzer. Due to a misunderstanding with the Sherpas Andy and his campanions were with too little water for the very last part of the ascent. But their motto “Be faster than death” helped them through this situation, as well.

CEECOACH would like to thank Andy Holzer and his team for being a supportive part of their project. We are proud to have contributed a small part to this achievement and congratulate Andy and his team warmly.

Climber Andy Holzer and Klemens Bichler holding CEECOACH in their hands

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