Team der Rettungshundestaffel

Many outdoor athletes already know it and have been using it for a long time as a means of communication for training and communication in groups: CEECOACH XTREME.

The waterproof communication system that continues to transmit when every Internet connection has been broken for miles, especially on the water. CEECOACH does not need Internet. The devices are connected to each other via Bluetooth®. Now CEECOACH XTREME also proves to be an ideal support for preparing for situations in which every second counts. The handy radio system from peiker CEE has recently become an important communication system for the training operations of the DRK rescue dog squadron Donau-schingen.

The DRK Rescue Dog Squadron (RHS) Donaueschingen volunteers for the search for missing dogs. The volunteers are called if people get into an emergency through no fault of their own. Be it children who have inexplicably disappeared, people at risk of suicide, people suffering from dementia or disoriented persons or simply recreational athletes who have injured themselves in the forest or lost their bearings. For 20 years now, the working group of the Donaue-schingen district association has been active as a rescue dog team.
If the dog teams go into the employment, human lives stand on the stakes. Always with them, the mantrailers. These are dogs that absorb the individual smell of a human being and follow this special smell. The dog is led on a leash. This is exactly where the advantages of CEECOACH XTREME come into their own. In contrast to conventional radios, CEECOACH allows hands-free communication with the accompanying person or the trainer. Thanks to CEECOACH XTREME, the dog can carry out his work with the same leash guidance and does not have to be stopped for the communication between trainer and accompanying person.

Woman with CEECOACH holding a dog of the rescue dog team by the harness
Preparation for an assignment – final arrangements via CEECOACH

Another advantage is that the dog is not aware of the trainer’s instructions. Thus the handler can implement these directly, the rescue dog is not distracted from his actual work and can fully concentrate on the essential, the search for missing persons.
In addition to the mantrailers, the rescue dog squadron works with area search dogs. These dogs are used especially for the search of large unclear areas. The dogs run without a leash and systematically search the given area for human odor. Unlike the mantra trailers, they are not calibrated to a special smell at the beginning of the search. If you have found a person, they indicate this by barking or by back-references. On a special command such as “show me”, the dog and handler will run to the missing person.
The moderator mode of CEECOACH proves to be particularly helpful in the training of area search dogs. The trainer can help the dog handler with all the described advantages (prompt correction, assistance not audible to the dog, communication without an additional hand). This allows the handler to react quickly and directly to the dog’s display and to be sent to confusing areas earlier.

“Our training takes place in any weather, whether cold, hot, wet or dry. Therefore we are very happy that the CEECOACH XTREME is as weatherproof as we are. We were convinced by the easy handling, the light weight, the many possibilities to attach CEE-COACH to the body and even more the freedom of movement, which is guaranteed despite the cables,” says Ute Majer from the Donaueschingen rescue dog squadron.

Woman with CEECOACH has found a missing person with a dog of the rescue dog squad between tree piles again
Successful exercise and a reward for the dog of the rescue dog team

Would you like to learn more about the volunteer work of the Donaueschingen Rescue Dog Squadron? Find out more about the rescue dog squadron here.

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