Skier Nina on a ski tour with full equipment including the CEECOACH PLUS

Do you love the mountains, too? Then I’m sure you want to find out how to make the best of your next ski tour.

I’ll cover all the most important must-haves and tell you about one gadget you can use to get even more out of your adventure in the mountains. But first I’ll let you in on a little secret: Ski touring at Scheinbergspitze is still one of my season highlights! More about that in part 2!

Why it’s so important to be prepared for your ski tour

The day before I start out on my ski touring adventure, I always check the avalanche report and go over my equipment! It’s essential to check that everything is in good working order in case there’s an emergency and to make sure I don’t accidently leave anything behind in the closet. Forgetting to bring my avalanche transceiver, shovel or probe could be fatal when you think about how many avalanches happen every year.

One thing you always need to remember: You can never be sure an avalanche won’t happen, even if you check the avalanche report before you leave! On the bright side, you can usually prevent the worst if you have the right equipment with you.

Infographic about avalanche deaths in Austria. In each case, the deaths in a winter season are shown. The ten-year average is 22. Source KURASI
Infographic: Statistics avalanche falls and accident figures.

Standard ski touring equipment

Besides your ski boots, touring skis, skins and ski poles, bringing an avalanche kit is absolute essential when it comes to staying safe on your ski tour. I carry my avalanche transceiver directly on my body during the ski tour and pack my shovel and probe in my backpack. What else do I have in my backpack? Along with making sure I bring enough food and water, I also bring a change of clothes, a warm jacket and thick gloves for the descent. And don’t forget your helmet and ski goggles!

Download: Standard equipment for a ski tour / Checklist.

Components of standard equipment for a ski tour

Standard equipment for a ski tour.

Extra tip: The CEECOACH PLUS makes all the difference

While packing all my standard equipment has become routine, the CEECOACH PLUS communication system is the first new piece of equipment I’ve added in a while. And one thing I can say without a doubt is that the CEECOACH PLUS makes a huge difference! It’s definitely helped turn my ski tours into a total highlight.

Getting started with the CEECOACH PLUS

Before I decided to use the CEECOACH PLUS for the first time during a ski tour, I really wanted to get to know how it works and what it can do. The user’s manual is short and concise, but it gives all the information you need. Which is great, because you immediately feel confident using the new device and the buttons can be used very intuitively. I was able to connect the CEECOACH PLUS devices to each other right away.

Infographic shows the functions of CEECOACH PLUS
Infographic: Functions CEECOACH PLUS.

Connecting my Earebel Bluetooth sports headphones to the CEECOACH PLUS was a bit trickier. Devices are creatures of habit, and my headphones wanted to use the familiar Bluetooth signal from my mobile. Problem found, problem solved. I just turned off the Bluetooth on my mobile for a second and, what do you know, that fixed any technical issues and I could start using the system. CEECOACH also comes with headphones that wire-connect directly to the device. I decided to use wireless headphones instead, though, because of the convenience and better freedom of movement.

Recommendation: Be sure nothing gets in the way of you and your adventure by making sure the batteries are fully charged before you set off. Even though my upcoming ski tour to Scheinbergspitze wouldn’t take 18 hours, which is how long the CEECOACH PLUS battery lasts, it still feels good to know you won’t run out of power. I made sure to recharge my own batteries, too, and started out the next day well rested for my “ski tour with the CEECOACH PLUS.” Let’s go!

Part 2: My experience (2021)

Skier Nina on a ski tour with full equipment including the CEECOACH PLUS

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