Skier Nina on skis during a ski tour the CEECOACH PLUS

Ski touring at Scheinbergspitze is one of my season highlights! Be curious about the second part of my ski tour.

In this post, I’ll tell you all about the gadget that helped make my experience unforgettable and what else I happened while ski touring Scheinbergspitze.

Getting ready for the ski tour

Because we were  so well prepared for our ski tour, my friends and I were ready to start the ascent within 10 minutes of arriving at the parking lot. Fortunately, the snow conditions were still so good that we could start the ski tour right from our car. After I double checked my equipment, finished packing my backpack, slipped into my ski boots and put on my skins, all I had to do was put on the CEECOACH PLUS, make sure it was connected and use the Velcro strap to attach it to my upper arm. To test the functionality and sound, we shouted a quick ‘test, test’ to each other and then had to smile. To test functionality and volume, all you actually need to do is just keep talking normally, because everything is controlled directly over the headphones.

Ascending Scheinbergspitze

We started off our ascent on a wide logging road. Conditions were good, although not ideal for ski touring at a warm 7 degrees Celsius. It wasn’t long until we started to sweat and had to take a break after just a few minutes into our walk to remove a layer of clothing. Because we had decided to use the Velcro strap to attach the CEECOACH PLUS to our arms, it was easy to take it off, remove a layer of clothing and then reattach it.

Note: You can also attach the CEECOACH PLUS to your backpack or belt. Because you don’t need to push a button to talk like you do with a walkie-talkie, you can even pack the device in your jacket pocket.

CEECOACH PLUS mounting options with Velcro tape
CEECOACH PLUS mounting options.

We stowed our jackets in our backpacks. And continued on.

The ski tour followed a moderately steep forest path about 5 miles up to the ski summit. Communication was glitch-free. I even managed to catch a glimpse of a deer drinking from a stream. What are the chances?! So, of course, I had to tell everyone. Normally, we would have probably scared it off because I would have loudly pointed it out to the others or one of us would have just marched on, which would have given us away.

Here’s a picture to prove it:

Evidence picture deer at the stream during ski tour with CEECOCAH PLUS
Evidence picture of deer drinking by the stream.

Still overwhelmed by the beauty of what we had seen, we arrived at the ski summit after about a two-hour ascent. We were pretty much too out of breath to talk for the last third of the ascent, but anything we did want to say came through crystal clear. Then the cross at the top of the summit came into view, and we knew we had last stage of the ascent before us. And so, we unpacked our skis and finished our hike over the ridge to the summit in our ski boots. In addition to being able to share helpful tips through our communication devices, we also sometimes needed a helping hand, especially because the last part with the safety cable was quite challenging. But we quickly forgot the challenge as soon as we saw the view that awaited us at the summit. Breathtaking!

The descent

A trek back over the ridge took us to where we had left our skis. Time to get ready for the descent! The mild temperatures had softened the snow somewhat, but that didn’t stop up from having a great time! The distances involved in communication were much greater as we skied down than during the ascent. We sometimes lost the signal on the windy path down the mountain and especially in the forest. But our devices reconnected as soon as we were in eyesight of each other.

My experience: What made this ski tour a season highlight?

It’s simple. How easily we were able to communicate! And, of course, seeing the deer at the stream. Even though it’s impossible to stay close together during the entire tour, we were always connected. I felt safe the entire time and it was great to be able hear helpful, motivating words throughout the day along with the occasional joke. Did I miss anything? Have any questions or comments? Or want to learn more about CEECOACH PLUS? Then checkout our website or visit us on social media. A wonderful outdoor sports community is waiting there for you!

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