A visually impaired skier and her ski instructor with the CEECOCAH

We are proud to support the project “Snow&Eyes” of SV Sportsgeist e.V. this year and thus contribute to the sport for the blind.

The specially trained ski guides go with their blind or visually impaired partners on the slopes and coordinate individually with the use of the CEECOACH. This way, progress is made quickly and the students have more confidence in their skiing skills when they receive clear and easily understandable commands. A great project!

A visually impaired skier and his ski instructor with the CEECOCAH

With confidence and perfect technique

“CEECOACH is always easy to use for our ski guides and our visually impaired and blind skiers, even when wearing gloves, and ensures optimal communication on the slopes at all times,” is how Andreas Märzhäuser, certified sports instructor and head of snow sports training at Kiel University, describes the advantages of the CEECOACH communication system.

Group of visually impaired skiers and their ski instructor with the CEECOCAH


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