Produktbild von zwei CEECALM

The peiker CEE is presenting an all-new product for horse owners: CEECALM.

Tested and further developed under veterinary guidance, CEECALM uses acoustic stimuli to help soothe horses, thereby reducing agitation in stressful situations. This makes both the animals and their owners calmer.

What makes the compact device so unique is the idea behind it. CEECALM uses a principle which is based on horses’ social behaviour. For instance, the sound of a horse grazing has a soothing effect on other horses. Their posture becomes more relaxed and they often start feeding as well. The team from peiker CEE analysed these natural trigger sounds and put them together so that horse owners can use them to reduce their animals’ symptoms of stress even in different situations using CEECALM.

Isabell Werth is impressed

Isabell Werth, multiple world champion and Olympic gold medallist in dressage, is also impressed by this flexible approach: “CEECALM really is an amazing device. It is easy to transport, meaning that it helps to calm stressed horses in all sorts of places. That’s important because you can only train productively and ride successfully if the horse is relaxed.”

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