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CEECALM is a unique calming device that uses acoustic stimuli to relax horses and reduce symptoms of stress. This not only makes for more balanced animals, but also for relaxed owners.

CEECALM by peiker CEE
Simple operation CEECALM

One-click – simple operation

Soothing and relaxing CEECALM

natural sounds – soothing and relaxing

Small and handy CEECALM

compact – small and handy for on the go

Flexible bracket CEECALM

flexible holder – for individual use

4 hours battery life CEECALM

Battery life – up to 4 hours

CEECALM by peiker cee

Naturally relaxed.

Whether it’s to calm a horse during transport, to prevent anxiety during thunderstorms, or to provide a distraction when a horse is separated from other horses: There are many situations in which a horse is exposed to stress. With CEECALM we, peiker CEE, present a unique product for horse owners: The calming device for horses promotes relaxation and reduces tension in stressful situations with targeted acoustic stimuli. It prevents stress without the need for medication or supplementary feed. For this purpose, the CEECALM was tested and further developed under veterinary supervision.

Every horse and every situation is unique. That’s why CEECALM is designed to help you relax nervous and skittish horses in many different situations.

Benefits of acoustic tranquilization for your horse and you:

  • promotes relaxation in foreign environment

  • relaxed vet visits

  • relaxed appointments with the farrier

  • prevents stress symptoms

  • higher motivation

Specification of the CEECALM

Technical data

Learn all about the specifications and special features of your CEECALM.

Dimensions (w x h x d) 71 × 48 × 71 mm
Weight 173 g
Input 5 V / 1 A
Loading time 2 ½ hours
Runtime At least 4 hours (depending on volume)
Temperature 0 °C bis +45 °C

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CEECALM – the principle.

Counteract symptoms of stress in the horse.

The CEECALM’s mode of operation is based on the social behavior of horses. When a horse grazes, the sound it makes creates happiness hormones in the other animals – and thus has a calming effect. They adopt a more relaxed posture. We have analyzed and processed these natural sounds so that you can use them in other environments with the CEECALM. This is how you counteract stress symptoms in your horse – because long-term stress can affect your animal’s health. Stomach ulcers, REM sleep disturbances, general jumpiness, muscle tension, weaving, as well as bucking, dull coat, aggression, restlessness and weight loss can be the result of stress.

Two horses in the pasture CEECALM



Rider with horse and CEECALM



CEECALM – Calming on the go.

Can be used everywhere.

To prevent nervousness on the way to the tournament or the training course, the CEECALM is also mobile. Thanks to its handy size, the calming device can be placed almost anywhere – even in the trailer or when visiting the vet. Thus, with its acoustic stimuli, it always helps where it is needed to calm nervous horses. With the two brackets included, the horse tranquilizer can be permanently installed in the stables or quickly and easily taken along. Since the CEECALM is powered by a rechargeable battery, there is no need to worry about power sources when placing it – it will keep horses relaxed indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the natural sounds of the CEECALM, the sound always remains harmonious – and your horse relaxed.

CEECALM – recommended by professionals.

Always the right choice.

Veterinarian Dr. med. vet. Holger Fischer also knows that CEECALM is the right choice for horse owners: “The horse owner has a good tool for steering his horse’s life in a calmer direction, especially when CEECALM is used consistently. And a relaxed horse naturally also has positive effects on humans.”

The flexible approach has also convinced Isabell Werth, multiple world champion and Olympic champion in dressage: “CEECALM is a truly amazing device. It is easy to transport and thus helps to calm stressed horses in different places. Because you can only train purposefully and ride successfully with a relaxed horse.”

Rider with horse and CEECALM




Together. Now.

Our peiker CEE products accompany you during sports? You ride, ski or go mountain biking? The CEECOACH, CEEFIT and CEECALM are with you? Perfect, then share your #peikercee moments with us on Facebook or Instagram in your story or post. We look forward to seeing our products in action. Let’s go!

  • Mountainbiker mit CEECOACH PLUS in den Bergen
  • Schifahrer mit CEECOACH PLUS yellow
  • Mountainbiker mit CEECOACH PLUS bei einer Rast
  • Schifahrer mit CEECOACH PLUS im Schnee
  • Reiterin sattelt ein Pferd
  • Wanderer mit CEECOACH PLUS in den Bergen
  • Reiterin mit CEECOACH PLUS auf einem Pferd im Gelände
  • Trainerin mit CEECOACH PLUS in einer Reithalle

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