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CEECOACH 2 Special Edition

CEECOACH 2 – Special Edition

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    In the event of a fall, the SAFEFIT airbag vest guarantees complete protection of the vital areas of the body (neck, cervical vertebrae, thorax, back, thorax, lumbar area, pelvis and sacrum) thanks to its ultra-fast release before impact.


    Redesign your training by measuring and visualizing it – train sustainably for your horse’s health with CEEFIT, the combination of CEEFIT Sensor and CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt. For each training session you will find a complete training analysis in your Seaver app.

    Our classic model, CEECOACH 1 is the ideal option for anyone who does not need a Bluetooth® headset. It is based on the same technology as CEECOACH 2 and can easily be paired with second-generation devices using the latest software.

    CEECALM is a unique calming device which uses acoustic stimuli to soothe horses, thereby reducing symptoms of stress. This makes both the animals and their owners calmer.
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    Find the right Bluetooth® headset, waterproof headphones & wired headsets for your CEECOACH 1, 2 or CEECOACH PLUS here. Order now!
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    Get even more out of your CEECOACH and CEEFIT with accessories from peiker CEE. Order headphones, bags and more now!

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    Our peiker CEE products accompany you during sports? You ride, ski or go mountain biking? The CEECOACH, CEEFIT and CEECALM are with you? Perfect, then share your #peikercee moments with us on Facebook or Instagram in your story or post. We look forward to seeing our products in action. Let’s go!

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