Questions and answers about CEECOACH 1

How can I use both, CEECOACH 1 und CEECOACH 2, together in the same communication group?

If you want to use both, CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2, together in the same communication group, please update all devices to at least software version v02.02. It is recommended to have the same device software version on all your devices. The latest device software version is available for free downloading on our website.

I can’t control my CEECOACH anymore. The buttons are not working.

If your CEECOACH is blinking violet, then CEECOACH buttons are locked. For unlocking the buttons please press short the speech button (o) three times.

How can I activate or deactivate the key lock on the CEECOACH?

You can activate or deactivate the key lock by briefly pressing the speech key (o) three times.

How can I deactivate (leave) pairing mode on CEECOACH?

After successful pairing of either a smartphone or a headset, CEECOACH 2 will leave pairing mode.

How can I pair my smartphone with CEECOACH?

Activate pairing mode on CEECOACH. Turn on Bluetooth® on your smartphone and start searching for Bluetooth® devices. CEECOACH is displayed as “CEECOACHxxxx” including the last four digits of the serial number, found on the back side of the device. Select your CEECOACH to establish a connection.

How can I activate pairing mode on CEECOACH?

You can activate pairing mode on CEECOACH by pressing plus (+) and minus (-) buttons simultaneously until CEECOACH is rapidly blinking yellow.

Not all the devices I wanted to include connected.

Reset the connected devices (press all three buttons simultaneously). Now assign the roles to all participants first. Only then is the moderator assigned. Otherwise, a timeout may occur and devices that are not yet connected will not be recognized by the moderator.

Adding additional devices to a communication circuit does not work.

If a communication circuit has been formed, these settings are saved even after the devices are switched off. The next time they are switched on, the corresponding devices automatically connect to each other. To add a new device to this circuit, it must be completely rebuilt. To do this, reset the already connected devices to the factory settings (press all three keys simultaneously) and restart the role assignment.

How can I mute the participant (if only two devices are in use)?

If only two devices are used, the participant mode is automatically activated, i.e. the moderator and participant can speak. If the participant is only to listen, the moderator presses the talk key (o) twice.

My CEECOACH blinks red instead of yellow when charging.

Your device was completely discharged (deep discharge). You can charge your CEECOACH regularly, but possibly previous settings are deleted.

Although charged for hours my CEECOACH still blinks yellow.

Sometimes there is a small bug that prevents the LED from switching to green, because it does not detect the battery charge level correctly. However, if you unlug it and plug it in again it should turn green. Further, the audio prompts announce the correct battery charge level.

Can I listen to music with my CEECOACH?

We are sorry, but at the moment just telephone calls are supported by the current software.

Can I connect a loudspeaker to a CEECOACH device to let an audience hear what is said?

Yes, you can connect a self-powered loudspeaker with one CEECOACH device. This device has to be part of your communication group (paired with the other used devices).

How do I clean my CEECOACH?

The surface of the CEECOACH can be cleaned using a wet wipe or a surface disinfectant. To do this, wet a cleaning cloth with the disinfectant and then wipe the device. The device must not be sprayed directly. Please note that if the device is cleaned too frequently, the label (serial number in the event of a warranty claim) may be damaged. This note does not apply to the CEECOACH Limited Edition Isabell Werth.

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